Weaving webs 

 Unsuspecting and with pure intention we walk into the deceptions of another. It causes us to question our worth/decisions. But we were only working with the resources before us. Wait, how and why does the victim make it about them? Were there signs that we should’ve seen? Should we have guarded our hearts, and pretended to be someone else? Maybe we would’ve recognized the web before getting snagged. Does a spider pray over its prey? Is the prey praying with the spider blind of its intention? What a world we live in… Unnecessary decisions rippling into the lives of others.. And it isn’t deception for survival. 

6 thoughts on “Weaving webs 

  1. Thanks for describing my previous week in a nutshell. Time does tell all the stories we need to learn in order to move on. I’m happy to learn that I didn’t need the thing that was taken from me by way of deception. Be blessed and don’t let “them” bring you down. x

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      1. You’re not alone. I screamed out the same thing on my blog and everyone came to help. It’s really done a tremendous amount to raise my spirits. I just wanted to pay it forward, in case you need it. x

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      2. Your heart and compassion are very healing, and I am grateful. Thank you. I hope to pay it forward to others, just as you have done for me. There is a gigantic smile across my face and heart. Thank you.

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