Why..or rather..why not..or …

Thoughts, or Questions Rather

I’m not looking for an answer only a moment to get you to say Hmmmmm…

Why must people be entertained in order to get their attention?

Why must blood be shed in order to get their attention? 

Why must your name be mentioned, or not causing your feelings to bleed out in order to gain attention? 

Why must a book, or a quote, be mentioned by a spotlighter (celeb) whom you don’t really know in order to gain your attention? 

Why must drama, or negativity, be apart of the recipe in order to …You already know

Why does a last breath, and casket have to be involved to make you FEEL something? 

Why does it have to be about you for you to care, to get involved, to lift an eyebrow, or share an encouraging word?

Why does a person have to live exactly like you before you give respect, or consider them…Equal?

Why ask why? Why not?

Why does so much come down to domination, and selfishness at the expense of love, and generosity?

Why didn’t you make it to this point reading this post…Or did you..

Where is that wise old Tootsie Roll Owl?

The world may never know…

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