Just a second

Thank you and praises up for sending that message to me. You allowed her open spirit to receive the message, and fearlessly relay it to me. Your words are to stay focused and I will prosper. These seeds are planted within my mind, heart, and soul. Lead me on the journey that you will have me to go. I have been in the wilderness for far too long. Revive me with the breath of life that only you are able to administer. Heal the pain and lighten the weight that burdens me from day to day. Silence for far too long as been my shield, my strategy, and my fortress. Teach me how to navigate, plant, and reap tremendously. Use me as a tool to encourage, motivate, inspire, and love. May the universe come together to layout red carpet in my favor. My faith, my strength, and my confidence will not waver. Always I give my all even when I feel like I can’t go anymore. I need you to unlock this because these bruised knuckles have been knocking at the door. So as I bring this moment to a close. Reveal the path to me that only you know.

Just needed a second…


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