Perplexing Dreams

Not sure how to make sense of the things I have seen

Even if they were only in my dreams

Scenes that left marks in my waking hours

Didn’t know that sleep phase had such power

The places I saw as I quietly slept

Years later they reintroduced themselves

Not sure how this could be

Could someone please answer these questions for me

This is more than deja vu

When I stepped into these places, Instantly I knew

There was another I witnessed a few mins ago

Watching a news segment when I thought uh oh

The colors and the scene said hi when I was a child

Hurt and Pain was running wild

But when I woke up I was serene

After all, this was only a dream

As I sit here and rub my wrist

This unvisited place really does exist

I have dreamed of spirits, cheating, and dying

When I wake up, I pray it was lying

I guess only time will tell

What reality could reveal

Some of you may think this is only a poem

So do I

9 thoughts on “Perplexing Dreams

  1. Really like this. 🙂 I’ve had some conversations about dreams lately with friends, so it was very appropriate that I read this when I did. Great words. 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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