What’s the WHAT

Truth is …

We all are trying to figure something out …with as little Pain, and more Reward as possible.

You see, the difference is the “WHAT” that we are trying to solve within our lives. 

For example….

WHAT makes me happy?…

WHAT legacy will I leave for my loved ones?…

WHAT will I make for dinner?…

WHAT shoes match this outfit?…

WHAT will my next career move involve? …

WHAT will it take not to Struggle anymore? 

Soooo, WHY NOT help one another figure out “WHAT” is the key toward fulfillment.

Ask each other: How can I help you step closer to achieving your “WHAT.”

Also, be prepared to answer the same question in the reverse.

Together we can make a powerful impact.

So stop trying to figure out WHO to deconstruct and stomp.

WHAT are you doing to help reach out and help another achieve WHAT is missing? 

WHAT are you waiting for? 

Lets Get It Going 🙂 

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