Can You Relate?: Road Rage

Powered by : Angry drivers without insurance who follow all the traffic rules as desired
Okay, so you are bopping along on the freeway? Your bat mobile is glistening from a fresh run through the soap and water. Your top is down (the car…stay focused) and your favorite song is on the radio. As you belt out the wrong note, even though it sounded like the right one, A hunk of junk cuts you off.
Instant mood shift. Jekyll and Hyde moment. Instead of ripping your shirt off and turning green, you yell a few choice words (the ones that come with beeping sounds on the television), lay on the horn with your elbows, as you extend the third finger of each hand.
Pause. How did you arrive at this point? One minute, the world was in your corner, and snow white and her forest friends were waiting at home for you with a warm, white chocolate mocha. You went “0 to 100” extremely quick.
The thoughts tap dancing in your mental are frantic. Should you go for the Hit just to prove a point? I mean, you do have insurance. You were in this lane first, and you do have the time to make an accident report. Why not jammmm on the gas and plow into the vehicle? The same vehicle whose driver disregarded your life, and your car payments, just to broadcast entitlement. Yes, you were served up a F*ck You burger with a side of Look at My Rear. To hit, or not to hit? Shakespeare was right about the world is a stage. What role will you play?
Woosighhh…Lets take this down a notch. 🙂 bling
Proceeding to the Happy Place.
Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any claims that have occurred as a result of this post. I am in no way liable for passive aggressive, nor aggressive behavior stemming from improperly handled road rage.
Super large Reader Digest style print: If you are the calm, idiot that continues to cut other people off, Please stop. This is your warning and your only warning. Proceed with Understanding and Application.
                                 Cosigned, The one who keeps having to replace brakes.
Drive safe and wishing you all a wonderful day.

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