Passion guides me. It fuels my creativity. But pain leads to serious writer’s block. So many times the urge to write is sooo pressing…. But nothing will come forth. Eagerly holding my pen, I start to doodle on the paper. Boredom and more frustration quickly sets in. A black cloud hovers. Internally, the rain pours and emotions swirl. But externally…Nothing. For the past few days, seven to be exact. I haven’t been able to write. My heart was… Still is a bit heavy… Trying to sort some things out. My present position is highly unfavored. My ability to numb isn’t working so well. Just need some time to process…

Have you ever lived life not requiring much regarding  happiness? And when you find something pleasing, it’s the closest yet furtherest thing away. 

Balance. Stability. Proper release of Me. 

Let me tune out to tune in. Goal is to figure out what this is really about. 



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