This post was supposed to contain only affirmations but somehow..someway….as usual…I decided to just write.

I guess this will be another list of Randoms…Rants…and Confessions….a small amount because I am hungry and need to make a run for sustenance at 3 a.m. in this rainy weather.

1.    Well, I stand rooted in the belief that my Patience, Understanding, and Love will outlast his Pain. My love is healing and genuine. He deserves everything divine and more. I will always give him positive and loving energy, whether near or far. I give him the best of me. Elation comes from giving and receiving love abundantly. This is another love rant that seeped through my fingertips and danced on the lettered keys. Sigh….in a good way…I think 🙂

2.   Secrets. My head is filled with the secrets of others that we call confidentiality. To the grave they will go with me unless I need to share them to save the teller’s life.

3.   People think I am joking when they say go home, and I reply “I’m a nomad.” Hearty laughs and a blown off gesture. Truth is I was honest but that type truth is better transformed into a joke. Although, it gets heavy at times, the experience is necessary to keep my attention on the lessons that support my vision/passion/testimony. Moving on…

4.   We take tests for a driver license and people still can not drive. The fast lane is for…fast cars…those speeders that are allowed to speed..as long as they aren’t speeding tooooo much. You are supposed to go above the limit but under the cop’s speeding limit that is beside you. Let them lead!

5.   Fear prevents me from writing a book. It prohibits the doors that can be opening in my life. The desire is there but when I start the action…thoughts clog up with the worries of the days…and the result is nothing hugging frustration. Grrr and sigh. If only, I could get six months away from worrying about money to survive…..being uninhibited clears my mind to write. Love and support in balance and overflowing aid the cause as well.

6.   HI, I am a music junkie. I am an art junkie. I am a junkie with anything relating to expression, love, freedom, life, and the universe in a beautiful, and positive way. I accept that there is no cure for my addiction. Would you buy me some yellow socks that come to my knees so that I can look great in the process? oh, and an apple juice too.

7.   I say what I mean. Usually, I am quiet but if i took the time to express my views, I meant it!! Believe it.

8.   I miss my family, friends, and YOU!!!

9.   Panties everyday are overrated. Go bare sometimes and feel sexier than you already are.

10.   If I could give him his heart’s desire, it would already be done.

11.   I’m an alien….just don’t fit in anywhere…and its okay with me.

12.   I did not proofread, again 😉

13 thoughts on “Randoms…Rants…Confessions

  1. Don’t worry about the proofreading, some days; I am sure my fingers are taken over by an alien, they just run off on their own, and type whatever they want…..correct, or not 😀

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