Yesterday’s thoughts 

Somedays feel earned… A true hard days work, and that doesn’t even refer to a regular job. The days can seem like a minefield…tiptoeing as not to interact with obstacles meant to do you harm. Then there are days in which the explosion can’t be avoided no matter how careful you are, nor how close you look. You dust yourself off and attempt to repair what you’ve lost… You attempt to repair what’s been damaged. You survived but you’re scarred from the shards … Shrapnel. Some penetrates deeper than others. Healing will occur because that’s what you do best..Designed to be strong and to succeed. Truth is..some of the scabs will be peeled off again by the same people. Gratitude comes because Soon there won’t be a scab for them to tinker with. Access removed. A new skin has formed. Tough like chain mail. A reminder that you have what it takes to Pass Life’s Tests. Badges of Growth. Salute to overcoming what was placed in your path to make you fail. Strategy. Game of Life. Surviving the Terrain. Coming out stronger at the Finish than when you began the journey. 

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