1:34 a.m. 3rd of March 2015 Misty Mental

Once again in the early a.m hours, I walk this lot…

This time in the mist.  My hair will be cursing me later for exposing its vulnerability.

But when the heart and mind is active, you flow where you are led sometimes.

Like a warrior on a journey, no hills or deserts will block his way. The reward is far sweeter than the present condition.

With each step, my mental jogs between emotion and logic.

Are emotions overrated? Perhaps.

Only you can determine that, but both need to be in proper balance with each other.

Too much excess of either can break the strongest man, or woman.

The only time emotions are overrated is when you allow them to keep you bound in a haze that impairs your logic.

Let that marinate. Here’s more of what I mean about….balance.

On the opposite side of the scale, too much logic and not enough emotion can leave one Spock like.

You have the answers but are paralyzed to the basic human elements of love, pain, joy, and so much more.

So basically keep balance by being mindful of each thought and feeling.

Accept it. Express gratitude. Be expectant of the next moment.

Careful as not to cause harm in the process.

These are just my thoughts though.

My heart worked with my mind while pacing in the mist….that good old superhero and trusty sidekick action 

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