30 Day Challenge …Day 1 and Day 2

Well, sly fox that almost slipped by me…procrastination and fear almost got the best of me…buttttttt here ya go..

DAY ONE: Five Ways to Win My Heart

I’ll never tell how to win my heart, as its not a competition but I will tell you about My Heart. Just a few randoms…

1. The first cut was the deepest. But still I beat on…

2. My heart is scarred, bruised, and aged well before its time. But it still loves with every beat..Never giving anything less than its best.

3. When my heart is squeezed to the point of bursting and oozing through the finger tips, it knows there is always a lesson to be learned. My heart has teamed up with a trusty sidekick, my mind. Together, balance is achieved..as much as possible. We know we can impact everyone that we encounter…But I will stop there before you want to get a sidekick too. 🙂

4. My heart is divinely created…It is strongly rooted in the spiritual, as well as the physical. It’s purpose is to Love the divine, and to also love others.

5. Everyday my heart writes a new song. A Heart’s Song. Not everyone will hear the song, but to those who are blessed to waltz within its masterpiece may the song become contagious.

THIS brings me on to DAY TWO: Something I Feel Strongly About

Well, isn’t this convenient. I feel strongly about LOVE. Love is the foundation of the world that we live in.

It’s profound power can heal, kill, build, create, and destroy. Let that marinate. Real love is liberating and free. Although, we think we know what love is….Many of us have never truly experienced it. But when you do, you will know it. You will be grateful that the false image of love that once intoxicated you was removed from your presence…in order for you to Experience The Taste of The Authentic. You will never be the same. Question is: What will you do when you really encounter it? Will you abuse it? Will you nurture it until you get comfortable, and then toss it to the side? Or will you be bold and love Love back with the same intensity that may never be matched…but is certainly worth the effort

Hmm, only time will tell ….May the Odds be in your favor

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