You make up a title

Feeling like I am walking on … it turns around and around..

Life’s playlist isn’t merging…A Raw… And Emotional “Hear My Call”

while riding an “Emotional Rollercoaster” …

It’s the Miseducation of the Moments…A purgatory state…

Yet the Beat goes on

An imbalanced, eclectic soundtrack …

Maybe the ethereal lifestyle I seek is too good to be true..

Maybe it’s an oasis and I’m too dehydrated from the struggle

to realize I’m choking on the sand…

Or maybe I am awaiting the sound of my alarm..

Waking up to green grass, high tides, and love.

The thought bubble above my head scrolls Fear and Pain 

as I reflect on the travelers in my life

Two words…two actions…two emotions that claim more lives than any, and all wars combined


Earbuds. Quiet Corner. Numbing down to go unnoticed

Destination unknown

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