Moody Moons Weighted Suns 

Moody. Understatement of the year..nope, since the beginning of time. My mind says strength, wisdom, and courage has increased times ten. Growth is constant. But my emotions say these are the lowest records within the last 365. Outcome unknown. Determination always through the roof. Happiness is present but its levels raise and lower with the dawn of the Day. Joy has been soaring. He helps keep me lifted by existing 24 hours at a time. Wrapped in each other’s presence. Superman. Presently seeking warmth in his comfort because the waste lands of being far away are eating my core. The land of milk and honey seems like a concept. When do I harvest what I’ve planted for years? The hourglass on my wrist flips and I start counting over again. Laying here I look forward to closing my eyes just to lay down a heavy load. Exhausted. I’ll pick up where I left off shortly 

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