You don’t say …

Timeline cruising…and I met up with this quote:

“I think one of the greatest feelings in the world is when someone openly tells you

how much you mean to them. Stuff like this is rare.”


Mentally, I allowed that to marinate.

See Sawing…This is True and Sad ALL at the same time.

Truly hearing (knowing) how much you mean to someone causes a spirited, cartwheeled frolic into tulips

while the word JUBILATION is a blinking billboard upon your face.

Come on…You know THAT feeling. NO?! Oh, okay…only me…understood.

But anyway, to have a feeling such as this as a rarity is downright…Grief Inducing. 100% play-in-traffic type stinking feeling.

AHA! There is hope! A remedy for those seeking liberation in Happyland.

Wait that in your Shakespeare voice:  A remedy for those seeking liberation in Happyland.

The cure is (insert pregnant pause) to Live a Lifestyle of Expression and Uplifting Others Authentically.

Make it a habit to inform others how you lovingly feel about their importance/meaning in your life. Teach. Demonstrate.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Don’t hide behind the cloak of fear.

I Guarantee (terms and conditions apply) the Reward is worth the Risk.

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