Three Words – No. 1

“Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool”  Ha! Couldn’t resist.

Did you know about “3 words a day?”   If not, check it out.

Well the concept is “the idea that inspiration can run on 3 words a day.”

Five words are posted. Then you choose three to write about. Simple and Fun right.

The list consisted of the words : know, fear, quickly, current, reveals.

Here we go…First attempt:

It’s the year 2015.

Quickly, she reveals that this year

will be filled with HARVEST.

We all know that you PLANT in one season,

and REAP in the next.

Well, MY (her) time is NOW!

A Diamond that Survived the Pressure.

whewwwww….. Your turn 😉

Check out the creator of this challenge

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