English Teacher Memory

Sooo, I’m not sure why this even crossed my mind…

But, I remember when….(insert blurry lines and fade to the past music )..

My teacher in college informed me that my writing was entirely too descriptive.

She requested a sentence…a complete sentence.

So…we took a journey down moist, trash filled alleys with the pungent stench of piss invading our nostrils…

The half-filled bottles of Jack Daniels laying near broken syringes…

Reminders of societal elements we don’t want to address…


Where Roll tide, green trees, and the fluttering American flag emblazoned on a blue sky…

Families grilling steaks in flip flops while the radio plays mood inducing tunes of the perfect off day

Oh wait…What kind of sentence was she seeking?

Perhaps, The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Teheheee…Maybe I preferred to have brunch with the cat and the spoon on the moon

Grade: C … C for contentment. I’m content in agreeing to disagree

C for curious as to what an A appears to be in her mind …


6 thoughts on “English Teacher Memory

  1. My English teacher in junior high said my poem was no good…
    So I hated English class ever since and never wrote again until about a month ago…
    Some teachers can be cruel…


      1. It took well over a decade but at least I’m writing again and it feels natural ❤
        I don't think teachers should judge Art…
        There is an audience for every craft

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      2. Well stated. Absolutely agree. They can be dream killers and not even be aware of the damage they cause. You’re right..there is an audience of appreciation for the gift..not everyone has their filter in sync

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