Shower Chronicles

Closed eyes
Hands against the wall
Bracing myself because I know they will fall
Unsure of how hard or if they will be able to be shut off
You see, here I can let my guard down and breathe
Skin super tuned and thoughts are my tv
With each drop from above
I send up prayers thanking you for your love
My journey is tough and I rarely complain
Remedied by closing the door
Turning the knob to a world in between
So I’ll stay here until the cold trickles down my back
When the warm runs out
I know it’s time for me to get back
To a world of motion that never stands still
Always climbing uphill
No time to take a moment to just be still
As I trek throughout the day
Smiles, love, and helping others illuminate the way
Sincere for the role I’ve been given
So let me jump out this shower and step back into the life I’m living

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