Sometimes…I write


You do not realize that you have been holding your breath…
Until …YOU …Finally…Get…The…Chance…To ..Exhale.
You’ve waited for the moment to relax and allow your shield to be laid down.

Tense from a weight that you have been carrying ..not even realizing when you picked it up.

The hope that you have desired and long sought after has finally come to YOU… Willing, Ready, and Able to help you proceed in…Comfort… Support… and the inability to surrender, or leave your side.
You don’t know what the hell to do when you try so hard…Day after Day…at living righteous…at loving…at never, ever  giving up…
Until eventually, you accept the defeat that you could not prepare for.
What do you do when you can’t answer Why…Or what do I do next…Or how did i get here…
What do you do?
The answer is I don’t know.
But what I do know is that I will stand beside you and battle Any, and Every storm that comes OUR way.
I know that my love is unwavering and that all i need is the confirmation that it is Okay To Love You…No, let me rephrase that…that it is okay to Embark on a Journey of Unlimited Lifetimes with YOU.
There is no way I can promise you that the road won’t be rocky, or always be clear of debris.
There is no way that I can guarantee that tears won’t run down your cheeks…But I do promise that it will Not be my intent.
I promise you that there will always be Hope on This day and the Next …and the Next…and the Next…And Each day that we are Blessed to walk hand in hand…
And even if I can’t walk I will crawl…or limp …My Spirit will not leave you.
You and I…. is the moment that we have both been waiting for …
To Exhale…To Love…To Comfort…To Support…To Inspire…To Motivate…To Caress…To Laugh with…To Ultimately Be Ourselves and it be more than enough for this lifetime and eternity.
Here I am!
Here for you… Ready…Willing…and Waiting….for You! 
And as I pause, I receive a message from you “Thanks lady, I was sleep and back to sleep I go lol” 
Just the confirmation I needed that someone is listening to the conversation of my heart. 
Sometimes I do not understand how or why but ..Lets try. We both see and feel it. 
And if we decide not to, I LOVE YOU enough to witness your happiness from a distance 

19 thoughts on “Sometimes…I write

      1. I just commented from the heart. Sometimes writing hits you and that’s it, you don’t need to know anything more or understand, just allow the words to wash over you. You have a great page.


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