“You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation.”

Whoever came up with this quote needs a lifetime supply of Hershey’s kisses and Apple Juice, and I don’t mind helping you consume it. Back on track, Love is indeed measured in transformation..at least in my life. Time was paused when I saw glimpses of his spirit. My core was transformed to something I did not care to admit so soon. There is that Time thing getting in the way again. Get thee behind me, ye olde hinderer. Now where was I, Love..yes, love turned the key to the lock of the cell that I put myself inside. Repeatedly. Love sobered my compromising mental load up in no time. There you go time..You fit right there. Next to the transition between realization and restoration. You just don’t need to measure love. Back on track, I feel transformed. Renewed and Refreshed. And even if that love is never returned, Gratitude will still reside because Hope will forever live here. Thank you Love for allowing me to see Love within him. Still trying to figure this out….

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