Painful Truths Snippet

Truth. Pain. Pain. Truth.
 You’re Gone! She read the obituary and spoke your name. Shock. 25 yrs old. Too soon. No Story Ever Told. 3 weeks No Sleep. I couldn’t shake your lifeless image. No further on that.
I’m death’s messenger. Strong Resume. Presently grateful to not be summed for service. Deliver of bad news. Nonreactive to tears. Steel Pillar until the job is buried. Literally. Still not sure when I signed up for this. Someone has to do it. Why not I? No worries. I can handle it.
This ole heart of mine. Tough yet Bruised. Still Believing in its design. Flaw or Gift? Don’t answer that.
I’ll never be understood. I’m cool with that. I seek to understand rather than to be understood.
Avocados and specifically, Sirloin Steaks. No ribeyes were harmed in the making of this list.
Writing is therapy …Get you some …

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