Chasing Cupid …perhaps

One word: YOU!
You make me wonder what love would look like without fear of pain, or neglect. Would it be dripping hair, and open mouths kissing in the rain? Would It resemble a wise old soul displaying wrinkles of memories? Maybe love would resemble peace, like its displayed upon your face when you’re asleep. Is it love in your guttural moan of delight?
Sometimes it simply can’t be constructed with words…. Or even in a box with “Love” written on its side.

Wait..let me take a breath. I’m often unsure if what I feel is good or bad. Maybe it’s a case of overthinking. Or maybe it’s a fleeting gas bubble traveling the wrong way. Beautiful fart huh. Or perhaps it’s way too many triple venti mochas.

Either way it’s a feeling I’m afraid of ending, even though it had no “official” beginning. Am I alone in this jacuzzi of aromatherapy that soothes every cell in my body?

Does it even matter? Not if you are happier away from me. It’s crazy, or honest as hell, of me to see so much. It’s like a glimpse into your soul after a few hellos.
Blindsided indeed. Understatement of the century. Your authentic spirit was felt… Is felt miles away. So close yet so far.

Wish I could turn this off and place this heart three leagues beneath. It’ll be in vain… Like the telltale… A beat heard no matter how deep it’s covered.
My goodness.. A phrase you give life to.
Yep, it’s a bug I’ve been bitten with.. Or Cupid shot only one of us.

Healthy and scary. Vulnerable yet magnetic. YOU!!!
Optimistic and Spiritually in Tune. A sense of humor and love for family that makes me swoon. A complex character full of humor, intellect, and a musical bone… Oh I could go on and on and on.
Superman. The most courageous act so far is that you don’t run even though you want to sometimes. I love you for that courage. Neither one of us knows what to do next….

Let me slow it down. I’ve said entirely to much. Allow me to put this heart away as I pray that you’ll request it someday.

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