My vision.. Romance

I’m a romantic… In love with life and every minor detail it brings… I’m in love with language and the way words come together to paint pictures for the listener…I’m in love with a heart that escapes through laughter into the universe… Romance. I’m in love with the way your cheekbones curve ..subtly requesting soft kisses from those who take notice. The grace of your stride as you balance the blessing of life bestowed upon you. Ah beauty. There are poems in the womb awaiting their birth to the one who appreciates their arrival. I think about your eyes and how each blink gives me a chance to breathe.. Momentarily breaking the spell. You are romance, Grace, and the perfect recipe of God’s creation. A beautiful butterfly. I crave moonlight stress free conversations…as well as moments of silence that don’t have to be plugged with voice because the space we fill is enough. I desire looking at your fresh appearance with these old eyes. My thighs tremble and my heart beats rapidly. Let me play some jazz for a sentimental mood. Nostalgia. Elation. A soft kiss and another moment of trance as wind hits your vocal cords when you say the word “sweetie.”mmm this is the love that life gives everyday. It’s in you. It’s in the wind. It’s in the noise of a passing car. It’s the chiming of metal hanging above your doorstep. It’s in your stroke of love Romance. I’m a satisfied victim….

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