Do The Work

Aww man, I wish she would hush.
Well, sometimes I wish I would hush too. But there’s a message in my soapbox queendom.

Remember, when your parents told you “I’m telling you this because I love you.” Well, this applies to this writing at this moment.. Right here.. Right now. Now that I’ve gotten your attention. Listen up…

Have you been convinced that there is Nothing beyond where you are at this present moment? Reread that.

Some of us have fallen into the pit of hopelessness. Instead of creating new ways to get out of the hole, we sign on the dotted line of despair and give up.

Listen, You need to feel around the walls of that dark place for stepping stones. There is a way but it might not be what you expect, or have conditioned yourself to believe . Also, you might find that if you wave your hands in the air, you might feel a rope that someone extended into the pit for you climb out on.

I get it.. It’s dark and you can’t see how. But that doesn’t mean give up. It means tap into your other senses.

Now this is the kicker, first you have to commit to getting out the hole. You have to start with a new mindset and set the dial on determination and proceed to do the work.

Let’s get it!


4 thoughts on “Do The Work

  1. Hope is lost when a person has not find a place in this existence. They need people to remind them that the world is clay and you mold your own success. They need someone to inspire them to get out of bed and start living what they dream about. Trying is a lifetime process and you should try until you start doing. Keep push people to work towards the things in life, inspiration is always needed!!!!

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