Still Developing

Perfectly wrapped for you..Shaped like a heart to resemble its contents.

Yours was on display long before she knew she could obtain it.

Willingly, you opened yourself to her.
No motives. Vulnerable. Naked.
Displaying healing scars yet you are still willing to love
Your eyes told what your lips would not ever be able to formulate.
Sometimes words can not bear these powerful emotions.
Two bodies attempt to decipher what the heavens knew would nourish you and her.
Dehydrated by lack of love and appreciation, she kissed your wounds and massaged your scars.
Each stroke remapping the future for you both.
The Present Healing and Caressing Providing a Glimpse for the Future.
You lit a path that bled through her confusion.
Stumbling in the dark, she tripped into a rose bed she could not pass on.
May your hearts orchestrate a new set of seasons, holidays, and life.
May the Band play on….
This is the right side of a love song


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