Pen Name Expectant

The overbearing stale smell of cinnamon red hot invades my nasal passages

A failed attempt at clean and sterile.
The lack confirmed by visitors that didn’t pay board.
A rumbling of a dinosaur set to 73 degrees disperses the remainders of previous occupants.
This damages my bill of health.
This box is mine for the next week, unless luck strikes.
“Do Not Disturb” is the unit’s new motto.
Seeking Shelter and Avoidance Dually.
Suffering in Silence. Voicing it Wastes Energy.
Futile based on experiences.
This composition contains my screams, my pain, and my confusion.
No tears. Dried up years ago.
Tapped out by pain.
Tears of Joy Await their debut.
Anxious. Will they ever surface?
Resign the thought.
Planning my escape from this wilderness.
Promises land in my visions.
Expecting a payout, yet unclear of my winning numbers
How long must I continue to beat the lack of odds?
I draw a sun peaking from a curtain of clouds.
A sign of sunny days ahead.
This is all temporary.
Pen Name – Expectant.

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