Baffled ..Brief moment

Often times, we choose not to share our experiences because it makes us vulnerable.

This vulnerability leaves us open to criticism and judgment from others.
Many times we only want to be heard, and not to be told that the pain is all our faults.
Sometimes it is not our faults. You can turn on the television and see that life happens.
It’s commonly referred to as the news. The news is the unfortunate and sometimes unavoidable lives on display for the world to see. We become spectator, jury, jester, and so much more.
And then when the “actor” is crushed under the weight of the unnecessary, then we ask questions as to how this could have been prevented. Is this human nature, or bad conditioning? Have we lost our ability to heal and help without the extra entitlement of injecting our opinions into what is already broken? Help me to understand because so far I am coming up with nothing. ….

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