Sometimes it feels like you have that toe on the edge of the chair…gripping at life yet it keeps wrapping itself around your neck… Inhale and exhale…it’s dark but you still see rays of light… This is not how it’s supposed to be…just need someone to show concern and help you out of.. The struggle…loving life but not the hand that has been dealt to you… Sweat drips down and wets the chair… Inching toward your toe… You pray for direction…you pray for a savior.. Will this be the last time and life is restored… Or will you be consumed by the struggle… Someone anyone come to my aid.. I didn’t place this grip around my neck… I’ve been clawing since day one…yet there’s a line of people with bats ready to take a swing… Will I ever win and stop losing… Where is my sunshine… Someone lift me up so I can readjust and plant my feet on solid ground…running out of options

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