4:44 Am Spur of the Heart

Sitting still yet my mind is in motion

“Should I’s” dance around in my head 
Stevie was right when he said love’s a crazy game
You see love must have a code that waits to be deciphered 
Pain allowed me to crack it though..ages ago
As each tear fell, I became an expert at recognizing what love was not
Currently, I stand within a fog
I see, you, love and I danced with you
For years and years
Yet now I dance alone
Somewhere within our waltz, you sat down
You seem to admire me at your convenience
A state of rest..as you gaze on ..while i continue to dance ALONE
Loneliness sets in as I sway 
A single heart in a lover’s cha cha
Slowing down I stop and look around 
Standing still thinking about leaving the floor
Hoping that you are only changing the record for our next song
Hoping..for the love of us
But I hope you don’t take too long
Patiently. In. Love.
Weary and traveling a road we should be discovering together
Will you leave me standing here alone….

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