Taken for granted

Without expectation, this would be heaven.
Forgive me for expecting more of you.
Too many silent nights
Unnecessary miles in between.
No sound of your voice. No Iphone jingle.
I lay awake while you are out there once again. Mingle.
You expect us to grow without watering the soil that contains us both.
Distracted and Irritated when called to the mat.
Seriously, We both know I don’t deserve that.
But understanding and compassion are why i continue this route.
This is not how we started out.
For some reason, everything in your life now comes before me.
I get the leftovers from your day.
But you know what, its okay
Those leftovers will keep you full after I have gone away
Loyal and supportive since day one
Unappreciated for the last time
Sorry I am done.


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