taken for granted


Actions yelling at me because you are not here to speak the words

but we both know the words don’t match the feelings

its easier to be absent then to respond and demonstrate truth in my presence
total confusion was the response in my past
that same past taught me clarity
clear insight into potential placed in pending by others
my worth is still priceless although they will never know this wealth
the only thing that pains me is that i loved what you stopped reciprocating
your greed to have it all at my expense
walking down a blind path to the slaughter a connection that should’ve breed more than lies
never wasting the energy to ask myself why
why doesn’t matter when i’m clearing my plate
i refuse to shed tears over what you decided to abandon
abandonment has no reflection on me but more on you
one plus one was once two but this day and age it is infinite
may there be infinite ways to progress and not stress
breeding peace and prosperity
let’s see what others doors this road will present
opportunity is a buffet that i gladly feast upon
may pain be the gas that fuels the fire within my core
clairvoyant knowing what the future has in store
you’ll miss it when its too late to gain it back
meditate on that because you are responsible for the lack
no hard feelings from me
i still proceed in love but i can leave and walk ahead simultaneously
step by step
my silence was not a weakness
it was freedom to allow you to be an individual
but soon we both learn that everyone can’t handle freedom responsibly
you assassinated your own character when you took mine for granted
rest in peace to what once was

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