Gasping Underwater

Silence is a prison/
Only method of escape is through a pen/
Inside are screams and struggles demanding release/
Outside it’s cool, calm, and utter peace /
Confused as to where to find the key/
But constantly in search, longing to be free/
My reality feels like I’m at the bottom of a pool/
Unable to swim/
lights going dim/
Stroking and straining and almost to the top/
The Unexpected weighing me down/
Internal tears of a clown/
Back at the bottom, familiar plop/
I can’t take a breath/
The atmosphere is not right/
My visions and desires put me back on my plight/
This time will I make it above water/
I need this for my sons and my daughters /
Optimistic, resilient, and hard working/
Obviously I’m doing something wrong/
Because the world is refusing to respond to my song/
Ode to the unknown/
Making plans to be the rising sun/
But until then please ease my pain/
Undue these chains of financial & emotional strain/
Who knew a heart could tolerate such pain/
I didn’t sign up for this spot on the totem pole/
I must have a legacy to show when I’m old/
No more tears/
Just fears and uncertainty /
Never giving up because I’m a fighter /
Let me grab this rope and hold on tighter/
Again I shall start my climb /
Praying for success this time /

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