Money Making. Customer Service at its Peak. No. This isn’t Magic City. Just another day working in the men’s department. Glancing at my quota and wondering how many more hours I have to go. A customer approaches. “May I help you?” Looking up into brown eyes and immediately paralysis kicks in. Unable to speak…unable to think…only lock eyes. Obviously, his friend was our savior because he nudged this handsome stranger into speaking…asking him “ah man, are you okay?” The trance is severed, momentarily. Now, that’s a first. This one is Different. The fear within reminds me of so many past relationships at the hands of an abuser. Could I be attracting another one? Hesitation. Again, something is…Different. I take the leap and we exchange contacts. Within that exchange, my heart, my dreams, my desires, my sexuality, and everything that could feel and interrupt reached levels my mind could not have conceived of. Love, you introduced yourself to me when I wasn’t looking for you. I want to thank you because it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me…Your spell still has me bound years later…May you keep me as a willing prisoner

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