Sometimes I write because I don’t verbalize what is pressing inside.  Presently, the weight of separation while trying to grasp hope is sitting on my chest. I want to believe in what I feel and what you speak but sometimes the actions don’t complete the balance.  Do I have too much time to think about you, which may cause this to appear differently than how it really is?  Or is the weight trying to get my attention and force me to face the reality I don’t want to see?  I don’t know but I hate the feeling.  Sometimes it feels like the scraps you fling to the dog at the end of the day. You know the dog is loyal and loves you when you appear, but you really don’t put much more into it. Its a relationship that is present when you are present but absent when you are absent…at least from my perspective.  Only you know if that is true or not…I don’t know. All I know is that I need relief from the things that I can’t figure out. I need relief from things that cause continuous doubt. I have love that needs to be let out. But via what route?  Or maybe I am seeking the support that I give…But I’ve come to realize that people don’t love in the same manner. Anyway….Just need to exhale a second. 

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