Ting ting..Boom. Ting Ting..Boom.
The music plays as the crowd sways.
Bang ..bang..boom. Bang Bang Bang.
Curiosity graces the teens faces.
Not sure if this song is remixed or if someone added their own Bang to the track.
A scream comes from the left of the room.
Eyes look left. Bodies move right.
Out the door with faces filled with fright.
Chaos and scuffling. Feet still shuffling but to a different tune.
As the room clears the slow chill confirmation of fear reveals itself.
Face down. Hair astray. Two teens lay.
Pools of blood. Agonal breathing.
A Party that is now celebrating death.
No shooter. No gun. No one around.
Only crying parents is what the law found.
Its been two years and the scene is still clear as yesterday. Still no one has claimed the crime from that day.
Bodies have been buried. Pain will always live on.
When will this stop being a common song


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