Just thinking …Love

Love is blind.
But is it really because you are trying to see with your heart.
Maybe the statement should be : love is closely linked with denial.
Because we can see something with our eyes and still not allow our heart to believe it.
Or maybe: love gives the benefit of the doubt.
So is it love that is causing this issue. Or is it the Desire to see good in another person?
How do we see the dots connected to make two pictures?
One picture shows the image we want to see and we fit the actions into it to make it work ..or seem like it belongs there.
The other picture is the pain portion that we fear glancing at until we are forced to.
But just like a magnet, we are pulled back to the picture we have pieced together.
Do you think if we stare at the blank space between the two pictures that reality, or potential truth can be located?
The middle blank area represents going with the flow and not allowing the situations to make you overthink or underanalyze.
Maybe the middle is the place for a mirror because it all starts within us as well…and the only person that we can truly change or truly see is ourselves.
Things that make you go hmm.
Is love really worth it….is it better to have loved …or never to have loved at all…
Great question huh..

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