Just Thinking…Again

When did we get to the point of laughing at the pain of another ? Or tickled by misfortune?

Somehow our helping hands turned into a pointing finger.

Too many tears are salting the earth

Too many gallons of blood quench the thirsty green grass of this America

When did we grow deaf to the sound of dirt colliding with the tops of caskets filled with victims of faulty permanent decisions.

When did the smell of piss and empty jack bottles start to pollute the corners of the local carwash?

How did white vans become the symbol of children’s wasted dreams of the future and evil sadistic adult hobbies?

Did the idea of LOVE die out with the hippie movement?

Or did we mold it into money, hate, materials, and narcissism?

What caused trends of forgotten waist lines and skin tone judgments?

whO..wHO…WHO..taught us the miseducation that There Isn’t Enough for Everyone?

Why does the struggle seem like an uphill flow…..

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