Not even in Remembrance

Numerous ASSumptions and Self Satisfying Points of Clarity devalue the common sense of the speaker. Yes, You are my MisMuse. My Reference. My Dysfunctional Reality. It leaves behind a salty residue on the plate of the Falsely Accused. 
So how do you regroup what one has torn down?Easy. One acknowledges that there was never a foundation, nor a friendship. Actions may speak louder than words but this time they waltzed until the record..ENDED. Amateur. Quit bumping the record player. Hell, you never should have been close enough to hear the music.  Continue dancing in the rain that you will eventually drown in from a head held high off pride’s pedestal.  Consider this an IOU….an owed apology from me to you for allowing you to waste my time. See you are not even trash…because trash has value in the proper perspective. Consider this the funeral for the potential you should possess….My ink b.l.e.e.d.s. out 

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