untitled 2

Blazing up cause he can’t deal with reality…
Puffs of smoke, numbing his ability.
To blind to see the fallacy in his action…
Heavy burdens smothering his reaction.
I gazed and didn’t speak..
Wondering how a strong mind can be so weak.
Going through the motions day after day …
Not knowing that he has lost his way.
How do I lift a soul that won’t take a breath?..
Too focused on riches he won’t ever see wealth.
Stumbling around like many ghosts till the sun goes down…
His visions escape like the tears of a clown.
E-40 wanted to save him…
Tupac inquired about his heaven… Yet this nigga still buying filtered tips at the Seven Eleven.
He wonders why the world won’t change while he drags his chain?…
Broken crown and blind to the royalty within his name.
I get up and walk away..
Praying once again he finds his way.
you see, I can’t play dumb because he thinks I’m blind…
I’ve traveled this road with him for the last time.
So farewell lost soldier…
Don’t shed a tear.
That heavy boulder will still be on your shoulder…
When the game you play whispers in your ear.

4 thoughts on “untitled 2

    1. THANK YOU. That really means more to me than you can ever imagine. 🙂 Tremendous thanks. If you can share the instrumental, I would love to hear it.


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