Dear Younger Me: Tough Times Don’t Last

A real, honest and beautiful reminder by enthrallingjourney.
I’ve read it multiple times.
Tap in and share with others. You never know what will be the balm that a person needs.
Thanks for writing this, enthrallingjourney.

The enthralling journey

Dear younger me,

You won’t have it easy. You’ll feel like giving up. Life will hit you with some of its hardest blows. You’ll fight through episodes of anxiety & depression. Know that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. I know you don’t feel it, but you’re much stronger than you believe. You’ll be able to stand the rain, and when you see the sun shine again, you’ll understand exactly what I was on about.

Cry when you need to, but don’t let your tears define you. Feel whatever you need to feel. Whatever you do, Do. Not. Compartmentalize. Because eventually, you’ll run out of compartments to stuff your pain in; and once pain is rooted deep in your heart, it only leaves room for you to self-destruct.

Pain is part of the process, yes; but don’t let it change you for the worst. Let it teach you…

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The End

Cleanse me of what it meant to me No longer do I desire to love or think on it Life has shown me Remove traces of it from my heart and mind Lock it in a capsule that will never open Even with time Replace it only with your power and word I bury it …


It's early. Woke up with thoughts that lead to pain, frustration, questions, loneliness, and sadness. Instead of allowing them to keep power through my focus, I started praying and praising and it uplifted my spirit. There's still a process but this test I passed. "So I yield to You and to your careful hand. When …

Journey to Rebuilding Me

This is a journey that still takes prayer for me. A consistent and continuous building that I pray I get in order this year. It’s amazing how you can love someone so much and sometimes the barrier is him vs himself, not realizing that the gamechanger is already provided but it has to be chosen and accepted. Letting go of someone that has given you joy by being who they are while still being a work in progress is truly a hard, hard action that may never go away. You just learn to cope in the person’s absence and allow God to be that source, as it should have been from the start.

Virgobeauty's Blog

It wasn’t by choice. It was a forced hand… a barrier that I wasn’t able to shift on my own.

Do I feel defeated? Yes. Do I feel wounded? Yes. Do I still love you? Tremendously. Do I feel like so much could have been prevented? Yes.

I was told the thing that fueled me as an athlete and pushed me forward with a drive to conquer and never give up… is the same thing that keeps me trying when I should release and not hold on so long, clinging to hope and the beauty I saw and felt.

It’s that fuel that pushed me and blinded me to the darkness of a battle that I wasn’t equipped to fight.

It’s the fuel that kept me trying to save someone that couldn’t see saving himself.

It’s the fuel of reminders and gratitude that I once needed and gleaned from others…

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I desire authenticity in my life. No lies. No selfishness. No excuses. No pretend. I desire authenticity. Not only because I live a life of being authenticity wrapped in love and positive intentions, but I know it's possible and valuable. When inauthenticity, lies, lust, selfishness, lack of accountability, lack of respect and so much more …

Praises Rise

This moment of praise is for what's to come I'm praising the answers I will receive I'm praising for the ability to have a prayer relationship I'm praising for life I'm praising for the things that are my heartfelt hopes, desires and dreams I'm praising because of a power greater than myself Just wanted to …

I… want… maybe need… but desire and pray for..

I've had easier days I've had better days I've had days to where I didn't feel drained emotionally and physically I've had days where my focus was clearer than it is today I've had days where I've felt rested and refreshed I've had days in which I felt loved and appreciated Those days have felt …

Dead situation

Today I decided, or maybe last night rather, that there was something I simply didn't want to pray about anymore. I mean, the situation seems to be stuck and I'm tired of praying the loving, optimistic, and humble prayer in that area. Truly, it's become something I'm tired of even feeling and thinking about as …

Change me

Change me Remove any shackles that bound me Many I'm unable to see Change me Rescue me from me Mend my heart and mind Transform my perspective Change me Remind me of who you've destined me to be Those expectations, set me free Save me from how I'd like it to be Replace it with …